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Fun Private & Group Dance Classes

Don’t’ give in to the thought that you have two left. At Empire Center Of Dance in Marcy, New York, we offer private and group dance classes that help transform individuals into dancing pros.

From Beginners to Professionals

From students ages 1.5 and up, we serve a large variety of clients at all different skill levels. All students must be in proper attire when they attend our classes. This attire consists of a leotard, tights, and dance shoes. Street clothes are prohibited. Our available types of instruction include:

 • Tap
 • Ballet
• Jazz
• Acrobatic
• Hip Hop
• Modern

• Mommy & Me
• Cheer & Tumbling

Kids Practicing

Choose Your Class Length
Select a class option that fits best into your busy schedule with our choice of different time segments. You can also select varying levels of privacy during your instruction. The individual classes we offer per child are:

 • 30-Minute Class $8.50
 • 45-Minute Class $9.50
• One-Hour Class $10.50 • Semi-Private 30-Minute Class $15.00

• Private 30-Minute Class $27.00

Great Savings
Discover impressive savings on our classes by receiving a 10% discount every month when you pay for four weeks or more. Your payment must be received by the first week or no discount will apply. In addition, competition students can get a free class after purchasing five classes at regular price.

Dance Class Requirements
Please be aware that both the registration fee and the class fees are non-refundable. There is a $20 charge for returned checks, and there will be a 1.5% charge on the balance per month for any past-due accounts. Students will not be allowed to continue seasons until their past-due account is paid in full. Additional class requirements include the need for all competition dancers to attend ballet class, and private lesson students must be registered in a dance class in order to obtain technique work.

Lesson Cancellation Policy
In order to stay up-to-date on the skills taught at our dance classes, please do your best to attend every class. You are allowed two free misses from dance class, but all missed classes after that must be paid for whether or not you are in attendance. Choose to pay for your classes on a weekly or monthly basis.

Contact us to make some new friends while dancing the night away in one of our group dance classes.